Support Ay Mariposa

Funding support for Ay Mariposa is fundamental to our ability to deploy the film and spark discussion and action for the borderlands.

Our documentary Impact Strategy includes a multi-faceted approach to outreach and engagement that aims to harness the passion, curiosity, and empathy of viewers, and offer concrete opportunities for engaging in social change. All of this takes time and money. No amount is too small (or too large)—if you can support us, we will carry the story of border walls and butterflies to the world.


You can support the film by posting a review on IMDB-this really helps make the film successful! You can post a review here. You can also post a review on your social media networks and share our Screenings page to encourage others to see and share the film.


Support Borderlands Advocates


Sierra Club Borderlands Team

This grassroots arm of the Sierra Club has been advocating for borderlands protections for more than a decade and has been a consistent supporter of Ay Mariposa and numerous other efforts to raise awareness and engagement for the protection of borderlands wildlife, ecosystems and people. They need your support. To donate, click here, or on the name above.

National Butterfly Center

The National Butterfly Center has been fighting eminent domain seizure by the federal government for border wall construction. The organization has also been a catalyst for many other protest marches and resistance events in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Help them fight for the borderlands by donating here.