Ay Mariposa Screenings


Organize your own Ay Mariposa show

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Would you like to host Ay Mariposa where you live? You can get a downloadable screening kit that helps you share Ay Mariposa with your community. You can host an intimate movie night with a few friends or setup a larger community viewing. The kit includes discussion questions and outreach resources, to help you get involved in the borderlands resistance.


TUESDAY AUGUST 27: Ay Mariposa debuts in Montana at the Roxy Theater in Missoula. The event is being organized by the International Wildlife Film Festival. BUY TICKETS.

SEPTEMBER 19-22: Breckenridge Film Festival, Colorado. More info coming soon.

SEPTEMBER 28-29: San Francisco Green Film Festival, California. More information and screening times coming soon.

OCTOBER 10-12: Louisville International Festival of Film. Screening info coming soon.

OCTOBER 17-27: United Nations Association Film Festival, San Francisco Bay Area. More info coming soon.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26: Loft Cinema in Tucson presents a special event at 2pm with Ay Mariposa and the Sierra Club Borderlands Team. More info and tickets coming soon.

PAST Screenings

April 22, 2019: Cine El Rey, McAllen, Texas

April 27, 2019: Border Theater, Mission Texas


May 24, 2019: University of Texas at Brownsville

June 6, 2019: US Congress-House Natural Resources Committee

July 5, 2019: Friends Convention, Iowa

July 5, 2019: ECOador Film Festival, Quito

July 18, 2019: EAST COAST PREMIERE at the E Street Cinema, Washington DC, with special guest Congressman Raul Grijalva

July 18, 2019: COMMUNITY SCREENING in Las Cruces with the Southwest Environmental Center

August 9, 2019: Takoma Park, Maryland, COMMUNITY SCREENING

August 13, 2019: Ay Mariposa in Brooklyn, New York, as part of the Films for Thought series 

August 21, 2019: Joe’s Movement Emporium, Mount Rainier, Maryland