Community Screenings



Ay Mariposa in your community!

One of the best ways you can help borderlands’ people and ecosystems is by sharing their story with your friends, family, and wider community. This can be as small as a dinner party or a larger gathering in your church, library or school. Below are two different screening kits you can choose from, based on how big you would like your event to be. If you think your audience will be larger than 100 people, or you plan to charge a ticket fee, please visit our Bookings page.

All proceeds go to support the Ay Mariposa project.

Please Note: We are excited to have Ay Mariposa shown in your community. If you would like to organize an event, but can’t afford the fee, please contact us at and we’ll discuss other options.



For people who want to host an intimate gathering of friends. Think of it as a book club or house party, but with film.

The screening kit includes:

  • A downloadable 1080P HD copy of the film 

  • A license to screen the film for up to 20 people 

  • Discussion questions

  • Downloadable photos to promote your event on social media 

  • Downloadable postcards and other resources for outreach to elected officials


For people who want to organize a larger event to engage their community in the fight for the borderlands. Think of it as a grassroots FILM FESTIVAL AND BORDER WALL resistance KIT.

The package includes:

  • A Dropbox link to a high resolution screening file

  • A license to screen the film for up to 100 people

  • Discussion questions

  • Downloadable photos, videos, posters and invitations to promote your event on social media

  • Downloadable postcards, call scripts, and other resources to aid you in outreach to your elected officials