-Call Script -

Stop the Border Wall

Hello, My name is __________________

I am a constituent from _________________________ (city, state)

I would like to express my _________________________(insert adjective: anger, frustration, disgust) over the start of border wall construction. I have seen photos of the destruction of federal land for a useless, offensive wall.

[NOTE: check the voting record for the 2018 budget for your senators. If they voted for the bill, they supported wall funding, and use option 1. If they didn’t, use option 2.]

OPTION 1: I am ____________________(insert adjective: furious, disappointed) that Senator __________ voted to fund the border wall.

OPTION 2: I am ____________________(insert adjective: very happy, appreciative, grateful) that Senator __________ voted against border wall funding.

Please share my thoughts with the senator and ask what he/she is going to do to stop this destruction. 

And if you voted for the senator, let them know and tell them that you are reconsidering your support in the next election.