We need everyone who opposes border wall to pick up the phone and call their elected officials. Most Democrats and Republicans voted to fund border wall construction in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 budgets: a combined total of more than $3 billion since President Trump took office.  Democrats called the border barriers "fences" so they did not have to take responsibility for supporting Trump's agenda of dividing the border.

Here are some resources to help you find contact information for your elected officials. Find out how they voted, and let them know what you think about their vote.

Find contact information for your Members of Congress

See how your Senator voted on the 2018 budget which contained 1.6 billion dollars for borderwall 

Calling Congress can feel overwhelming the first few times—just remember, they work for you. If you are feeling unsure, try creating a script, or use the ones we have created for borderlands advocacy (linked below).


Guides you through a call to your senators expressing frustration over border wall construction.

Borderlands 2-2016-1432.jpg

Guides you through a call expressing support for a new bill that would revoke the president’s ability to waive environmental and other laws in order to construct border wall.