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Call your members of Congress. We need everyone who opposes border wall to pick up the phone and call their elected officials. Most Democrats and Republicans voted to fund border wall construction in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 budgets: a combined total of $4.5 billion since Trump took office.  Democrats called the border barriers "fences" so they did not have to take responsibility for supporting Trump's agenda of dividing the border. Be sure to tell them any 20 foot structure that blocks wildlife passage is the same as a wall. Republicans have actively pursued policies of border militarization and wall.

Find contact information for your Member of Congress

See how your Senator voted on the 2018 budget which contained 1.6 billion dollars for borderwall.

Here is a sample script to help you with the call!


Please share this page containing our short advocacy video #StoptheBorderWall with friends, family and your social media networks.


Donate to our borderlands advocacy campaign. You can help us raise awareness and action for the borderlands by supporting the Ay Mariposa Film project.

Follow the National Butterfly Center on Facebook and donate to their efforts to block wall construction and protect butterfly habitat.